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Wafels & Dinges WMD Gift Card Ten Orders

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Wafels & Dinges WMD Gift Card Ten Orders $65.00

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For passionate waffle-fans, for picky friends or for your very adorable self: The Wafels & Dinges gift card gets you 10 WMD's (Wafels of Massive Deliciousness*) at any of our trucks or carts in the world. Go crazy and pimp the wafels with 10 different toppings, from Belgian chocolate fudge to ice cream, to spekuloos: who are we to judge? Please note - gift cards will be mailed via USPS. No shipping charges will be added at checkout, but no guarantee is made as to time or success of delivery. No refunds or exchanges allowed; FINAL SALE. THIS IS ONE CARD. NOT A BOOKLET OF CARDS.



Comment Arcadia Spa & Home is the exclusive online retailer for Wafels & Dinges products like Spekuloos



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