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Wafels & Dinges All Natural Spekuloos Spread $8.50

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Called "Best Condiment of 2010" by Time Out NY. It's been called "awesome", "incredibly orgasmic" and "how I fixed my crappy day". Spekuloos spreads just like peanut butter, but it tastes like traditional Belgian gingerbread-cinammon cookies.

It beats Nutella 10 to 1. It leaves Spekuloos-virgins in awe. It's best to spread it with a simple kitchen knife ("to spekulate"). Some people we know also eat it by the spoon ("to overspekulate") Refrigerate after opening. Best used within one month of opening. Unopened Spekuloos Spread should be stored in a cool dry place, and is best used within six months of purchase.

The spread is vegan. It contains gluten & soy, and it is made in a shop where we also use eggs, milk, nuts and lupin.

We promise it doesn't contain Brussels Sprouts.

14 Oz. jar, Made in Belgium.



Comment Arcadia is the exclusive online and retail source for Wafels & Dinges Spekuloos spread. See what Chef Bobby Flay is raving about!



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